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Rowena Carr-Allinson
Editor in Chief
Rowena grew up with a mixed European background, living in France, the UK, Germany and now Portugal, making her an eternal expat. She has worked with everyone from the Financial Times to ELLE, The Guardian, the South China Morning Post, the Toronto Star and Harpers Bazaar amongst others.​
Richard Grace
Creative Director

Richard is a specialist at launching and relaunching engaging, successful magazines and brands. He began his career in design 20+ years ago in London and has worked with luxury and international brands in motoring, music, cinema, gaming, airlines, travel and hospitality. Richard is currently based in Portugal, working with entrepreneurs and established businesses on brand identity.

sophie bell
Sophie Bell
Sophie returned to Portugal after living in London for three years, realising that the quality of life near the beach far outshines city life. She comes with 3+ years of marketing experience and a diverse skillset, allowing her to help in many aspects of the business.
Michelle Guerreiro
Sales & Marketing

Michele was born in the USA from Portuguese parents and moved to Portugal when she was 7 years old. She loves travelling, but her love for Portugal always makes her come back, to where she calls home. She considers herself a people person, so Sales and Marketing is where she likes to be.

Taryn King

Taryn is a writer from South Africa, currently living in Lisbon with her husband and three kids. She writes about everything from fashion to travel to how to uplift community and believes in the power of storytelling and its ability to inspire and bring hope. She is our resident ‘Lisbon Insider’ on a quest to find (and test) the hottest restaurants, wine bars, hotels, brunch spots, coffee and exercise trends that the city has to offer and to share them in the column ‘What’s Hot in Lisbon.’

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